AZUKI Raises $29M In Three Minutes

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AZUKI is a new kind of brand that we composed together for the Metaverse. Through the community, group of 10,000 avatars, we offer you membership access to the Garden. It initiate with exclusive streetwear collabs, NFT drops, live events, and much more that will be exposed over time.

Community ownership in AZUKI lets for a new genre of media that the world has yet to discover. AZUKI is your identity in the Metaverse let’s build it together.

The Garden is a place on the internet where art, community, and culture have a passion to create magic. The appearances among the physical and digital worlds are blurring and the rules are being changed. The core team with backgrounds in crypto, technology, and gaming working to build a decentralized brand of the future.

The AZUKI Community

Owned by all the real team is the wider and worldwide community of AZUKI functioning together to build a decentralized brand of the future:

ERC721A token Implementation

AZUKI has developed a new system, which for the first time ever in the NFT space, and it allows making multiple NFTs basically for the same cost of minting a single NFT.

Gas prices on Ethereum have been increased for months, stimulating teams to adapt. When minting multiple tokens, the gas cost required is comparative to the number of tokens being minted. ERC721A has three key optimizations that greatly reduce the additional gas need.

But first, look at the savings, and we have sustained the gas required to mint using Zeppelin ERC721 Enumerable and ERC721A. The only difference between these two columns is which safe Mint implementation is being used

It’s difficult to predict the gas price and ETH price at the time of mint, but if we undertake 300 gwei and $3500/ETH, these are the expected dollar savings for the community. Minting five NFTs is fundamentally the same price as minting one.

We have made key optimizations that reduce gas while still maintaining feature equality with ERC721Enumerable. We indicate not to cut IERC721Enumerable because we believe the API will show its value as web3 grows.

Eliminating identical storage from Open Zeppelin’s

ERC721A accepts tokens that are minted serially starting from 0, which enables us to remove some storage. We also improve for writes over reads in order to lower cost. ERC721 does not contain a batch mint API. The huge majority of the NFT space uses safeMint in a loop for multiple mints. Our batch mint API informs the balanced count in one storage process instead of frequently.

This fragment has never been seen before in space. Presently, all contracts openly set ownership on every individual token mint. Minting 5 NFTs in a txn means 5 owner writes, with every storage write costing 20k gas.

ERC721A uses the owner value only once per mint txn, without any data loss. This is possible because ERC721A accepts that token ids are minted consecutively starting from 0.

The key here is if we want to determine the owner of a specific token, we don’t need an address flexibly set for that slot the owner function is changed.

These optimizations are how ERC721A is able to accomplish minting multiple NFTs for nearly the same gas as minting just one. You can find a more comprehensive dive into the technical.

We are assured that the cost require to mint multiple AZUKI will be lower than anything we have seen in the space. All projects should attempt to minimize the gas burden for their community as much as they can.

AZUKI Manifesto

Here comes a new trend and surfing here is different: breaking down fences, making open communities, creating magic, and making money with our friends.

Here’s to the ones with the resolution to jump down an unusual rabbit hole.

One that pulls you away from a world that’s created many platforms and is owned by few people. We are directed by a simple yet deep vision to create the largest decentralized brand for the Metaverse that is built and owned by the community.

AZUKI Finance

AZUKI Accounts was set up to take the liability of all your accounting and financial needs so that you can concentrate on the things that make your business grow. We provide a mixed system of services so that you can have the service you exactly need which is flexible and scalable. We have developed a wide-ranging Board pack that doesn’t just include a profit and loss it also contains a balance sheet with a full analysis of your business.

We also have capable finance directors who have worked within recruitment for a number of years and have huge experience of growing and developing a business. The FD’s can derive to your monthly board meetings and suggest further executive support.

Liable for end-to-end accounting for a portfolio of recruitment businesses including:

* Gross Profit understandings

* Commission calculations

* Prepayments/growths

* Balance sheet settlements

* Invoice discounting resolutions

* VAT returns

* Organize and send management information to client’s prominence trends and performance against KPIs

* To launch, raise, and maintain close working relationships with clients and other AZUKI groups.


AZUKI is a complete end-to-end finance solution, and we organize everything from pay, bill, bookkeeping, credit control, producing board packs, FD attendance as well as completing your legal accounts, tax returns, and all other reporting requests. We have a number of associate partners that can support you and your business to grow and develop. We include everything from IT support, PR/Branding/Marketing, and banking requirements.




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