How Can One Build A Cross-Chain Launchpad?

A new project should tackle a real-world problem and cater to people’s needs and desires. The crypto/blockchain industry is evolving on a daily basis, with a variety of solutions that people can use to build money. These solutions not only help people build wealth, but also help businesses function better when it comes to operational management.

Various countries have recently begun to investigate how to legalize cryptocurrency in their respective countries, while others remain suspicious. Africa’s crypto expertise continues to increase, and Africans’ involvement in crypto and Blockchain cannot be overstated.

A decentralized cross-chain Launchpad intends to provide genuine skins in the game of Initial DEX offerings for retail investors. At first, sight, subscribing to an initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) appears to be a good idea, but there is always more than meets the eye. Whale wallets dump their assets after unusually short vesting periods, leaving even the most popular Launchpads with crumbs.

A Quick Insight into IDO Launchpad

An IDO Launchpad is an online portal that works as an investor’s pool and lists crypto projects. Investors can use this site to seek and invest in projects. The IDO model is used to facilitate the investment process.

Initial DEX Offering Model

The IDO is a type of crowdfunding that involves launching a cryptocurrency token on a decentralized liquidity exchange. Investors can exchange tokens in the platform’s liquidity pool. Cryptocurrencies and stable coins are supported by the model.

Some IDO projects aren’t on any of the Launchpads. These projects do not require outside assistance in generating cash and can operate on their own. However, such projects take a long time to create, and the chances of success are slim. As a result, listing the projects on a Launchpad is preferable. This method effectively attracts investors and allows them to assist in the project’s growth.

Each Launchpad is tailored to a certain blockchain network. These platforms are one-of-a-kind and run independently. The whitepaper of the project and tokenomics are two factors that influence how investors choose the proper business idea.

Cross-Chain Launchpad

The year 2022 has been implemented with a large number of newborn cross-chain Launchpads, as we can see the great growth of the crypto sector, and many companies rely on the decentralized world to generate cash for their initiatives.

Cross-chain Launchpads are platforms that allow block-chain-based projects to raise funds while allowing their investors access to early-stage token sales. Having early access to sales implies that investors can get a good deal before the market opens up to the general public. Furthermore, because the cost of launching on a cross-chain Launchpad is inexpensive, an increasing number of projects are using Launchpads to raise funds.

Both creators and investors benefit from launching a project through a Launchpad. The (Know Your Customer) KYC process is generally performed by a third party as part of a new user’s verification at top crypto Launchpads, whereas the KYC process is usually performed by a third party as part of a new user’s verification.

Additionally, using a Launchpad to launch a project gives new founders access to a network of crypto investors and enthusiasts who are eager to learn about new projects.

A Three-Step Guide to Launch your Cross Chain Launchpad

Below given is a brief about the steps required in the development of a cross-chain Launchpad

· Formulating your Whitepaper

An IDO whitepaper is a document that explains your company’s or project’s goals and the WHY-Tos of the IDO token. An IDO whitepaper’s ultimate goal is to persuade investors to purchase your tokens. You can mention pain points (in the crypto fundraising field), as well as your token’s solution to those problems. All of this can be transcribed using statistical data, research-based information, and so on.

· Create your Token

Creating your IDO token is a practical tool for investors who want to invest in your enterprise. As a result, it’s critical to create a token with a variety of practical qualities. Find a real-world value and utility for your token that will persuade investors to invest.

· Launch your Token

The decentralized exchange (DEX) platform lists your Token for trading once it has been successfully created. Following the TGE, which will take place shortly after the IDO, investors will receive their tokens. Instead of setting a fixed price, the issuer can hold an auction, with supply and demand determining the price.

How does IDO Launchpad Work?

DEXs can provide instant token liquidity, which is how IDO works. This is why DEXs usually reward liquidity pool providers handsomely. Due to liquidity, DEXs can run without any unexpected interruptions for their users.

By providing a portion of their capital to help with trade, most projects contribute liquidity to the DEX. This method is now widely used. To keep networks safe, the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus technique is widely utilized. However, in this circumstance, the approach is largely used to dissuade investors from selling too soon. As soon as the project is launched, investors can begin trading the project token. Early investors can sell their tokens for a higher price once the IDO is operational. Early investors will be able to purchase a large bag of tokens at a fixed price.

Long lengths of time are not required for investors to wait for their chosen tokens to be listed on an exchange. The listing normally occurs shortly after the IDO is completed. When compared to ICOs, this timeframe allows investors to get their money back much faster.

Numerous company initiatives flood the market to start their fundraising efforts because of IDO’s compelling qualities.

Essential Features to Include in a Cross-Chain Launchpad

· Know your customers

· Compatibility

· Fundraising model

· In-built wallet

· Automated liquidity pools

· Multi-tier staking module


The introduction of technology is a crucial component that is causing numerous changes all over the world. If you want to expand your crypto ecosystem by adding new crypto projects, put up a crypto Launchpad to raise cash utilizing ready-made crypto Launchpad solutions.



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